A 100% affiliate of CANAL+ Group, STUDIOCANAL is the leading studio in Europe in production, distribution and international sales of feature films and series. STUDIOCANAL is present in Europe (Benelux, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, United-Kingdom) and around the world (Australia and New Zealand, China, United-States).


Each year, STUDIOCANAL invests nearly 300 million euros in the production and distribution of films.

STUDIOCANAL finances and produces around 80 films per year, partnering with talents to make films in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Spanish and Danish. Added to this are around 80 films distributed each year in France and internationally, in cinemas and on platforms, testifying to STUDIOCANAL's ability to work with all the biggest actors in the sector.

In 2022, STUDIOCANAL achieved immense success in France, making it the leading French distributor with nearly 9 million entries and 4 films in the Top 15 (including 3 in the Top 10): Novembre (more than 2.3 million entries), Superwho? (1.8 million), Rise (1.3 million) and Goliath (780 000). Other successes left their mark on 2022 for STUDIOCANAL worldwide, such as The Wolf and the Lion ($20 million at the box office worldwide) and Around the World in 80 Days ($10 million).

The start of 2023 for STUDIOCANAL was marked by some great successes in cinemas, both in France and internationally ( 2 and All your Faces in France, What's Love Got To Do With It in the United Kingdom, John Wick Chapter 4 in Australia), as well as at festivals:

  • Césars: 18 nominations (Rise, November, Waiting for Bojangles, Ernest & Célestine: A Trip to Gibberitia).
  • Cannes: 5 films in the spotlight (The Old Oak, The King of Algiers, The Animal Kingdom, Strangers by Night and Contempt in restored version).
  • and Angoulême: 3 new films (Toni, Le Voyage en Pyjama, Only 3 Days Left) and 7 films from the catalogue (I Married a Shadow, Delicatessen, Merci la Vie, Pouic Pouic, Rider on the Rain, Casque d’Or, The Spanish Appartment) in the spotlight.

STUDIOCANAL is also one of the major producers and distributors of series in Europe, thanks to its network of 14 award-winning production companies in 9 European countries as well as the United States, whose know-how and creativity are widely recognised:

  • STUDIOCANAL Series in Germany (Shadowplay, A Better Place)
  • LAILAPS FILMS in Germany (Wild Republic, Lost in Athens)
  • RED PRODUCTION COMPANY in the United Kingdom (It's a Sin, Stay Close, Ridley Road, Years and Years)
  • URBAN MYTH FILMS in the United Kingdom (The One, War of the Worlds)
  • BAMBU PRODUCCIONES in Spain (Cable Girls, The Vow, Now & Then, Jaguar, La Promesa)
  • STUDIOCANAL ORIGINAL in France (Neufs Meuf, Narvalo, Mouche)
  • 2e BUREAU in France, the new company of Fabrice de la Patellière
  • SUNNYMARCH TV in the United Kingdom, Benedict Cumberbatch's production company with which STUDIOCANAL has partnered (Patrick Melrose)
  • SAM PRODUCTIONS in Denmark, a company founded by Søren Sveistrup and Adam Price (The Orchestra, Elvira, Borgen)
  • KINO SWIAT, in Poland
  • DINGIE, a company acquired in 2022 by STUDIOCANAL, present in Benelux
  • BIRDIE PICTURES, a British production company created at the end of 2022 by producer Phil Temple, in which STUDIOCANAL has invested
  • STRONG FILM & TELEVISION, an independent British production company led by James Strong, Loretta Preece and Matt Tombs, in which STUDIOCANAL invested in 2023
  • THE PICTURE COMPANY, an American production company led by Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman, in which STUDIOCANAL invested in 2023

STUDIOCANAL has the largest catalogue in Europe and one of the most prestigious in the world, with more than 8,000 titles from more than 60 countries, covering more than 100 years of cinema history. STUDIOCANAL ensures its conservation, restoration and sale of rights. Over the past 5 years, more than 20 million euros have been invested in the restoration of 750 classic films. Among the recently restored films are King Kong by John Guillermin (1976), The Trial by Orson Welles (1962), Contempt by Jean-Luc Godard - selected by the 2023 Cannes Film Festival in “Cannes Classics” (1963), The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie by Luis Bunuel (1972), Ludwig by Luchino Visconti (in partnership with La Cinémathèque Française and Chanel – 1973), Brotherhood of the Wolf by Christophe Gans (2001, recreated in 4K), and Casque d'Or by Jacques Becker (1952).



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