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CANAL+ Group develops its pay television activities internationally via its subsidiary CANAL+ International, which had 16.6 million subscribers at the end of 2023 in more than 50 countries in Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean and Indian Ocean. In addition, it produces more than 100 channels specifically for the international market.

CANAL+ brings together content offers adapted to each region via different broadcasting methods (primarily via satellite) and has progressively become a global digital platform accessible to all subscribers. CANAL+ can also rely on a large distribution network, with more than 14,000 sales outlets around the world to get as close to its subscribers as possible.

An international brand but resolutely local, CANAL+ aims to deliver an offer of high-quality, accessible entertainment, exporting its know-how internationally in terms of content creation and aggregating the best channels and services.

As a historical operator and leader for more than 30 years in Africa and French overseas territories, and more recently located in Europe and Asia, CANAL+ has made creative diversity its greatest asset by promoting global creativity and developing the audiovisual industry and local talent.

*Subscriber figures as of 31 December 2023

CANAL+ has been operating on the African continent for over 30 years. It operates in more than 25 countries through 16 subsidiaries and more than 300 partners and distributors, via more than 8,000 sales outlets.

The leading operator for pay television in French-speaking Africa, CANAL+ provides access to more than 400 channels, edits 40 thematic channels for the continent and 4,000 hours per year of content and programmes, as well as local channels in vernacular languages.

Finally, CANAL+ Group owns more than 35% of the South African company MultiChoice Group Ltd, the leader in pay TV in English- and Portuguese-speaking sub-Saharan Africa, of which it is the primary shareholder. On February 1, 2024, CANAL+ Group announced its intention to acquire all the issued common shares of MultiChoice that it did not already own. On March 5, 2024, in a joint statement with MultiChoice Group, CANAL+ Group announced that it was increasing its offer and MultiChoice Group confirmed its exclusivity agreement with CANAL+ Group, which must submit a mandatory offer by April 8, 2024.

In 2019, CANAL+ acquired the company ROK Studios (production, content distribution and delivery of the ROK and Nollywood TV channels), positioning itself as a major player in the Nollywood film-making industry in Nigeria, and increased its presence in Rwanda via the acquisition of the studio Zacu Entertainment.

CANAL+ Group operates in Africa with 8.1 million subscribers.

Asia-Pacific represents a sizeable challenge in CANAL+ Group’s international development strategy.

It is present in Vietnam with K+, a package of local and international channels, co-owned with Vietnamese public television. This package in particular contains five premium K+ channels edited by the Group (sport, cinema, series, entertainment, children).

Since 2018, CANAL+ has been operating in Myanmar, in partnership with the Forever group, a major television player in the country. It offers close to 80 channels, including 8 CANAL+ channels, and more than 20 channels in the Burmese language.

The Group is accelerating its development in Asia via strategic distribution partnerships with telecom operators, cable and IPTV networks, as well as Smart TV manufacturers. In June 2023, CANAL+ and PCCW cemented a strategic partnership to develop Viu, the leading streaming service in Asia and the Middle East. On February 26, 2024, CANAL+ Group increased its stake in Viu to 30%.

In 2023, CANAL+ also joined forces with the Onati group to offer its content in Polynesia, strengthening its foothold in the Pacific region, where the brand is already firmly established in New Caledonia.

CANAL+ Group operates in Asia-Pacific with 1.2 million subscribers.

Europe is one of the historic regions where CANAL+ Group has operated.

With 3 million subscribers, Poland is CANAL+ Group's second largest base in terms of number of subscribers. The Group produces premium, thematic channels, offers the biggest premium sports competitions, nearly 300 films on CANAL+ channels and successful original series.

Since 2019, the Group has owned the operator M7, an aggregator and distributor of local and international channels, thus expanding its presence on the European continent, with 3.6 million subscribers at the end of 2023. M7 is present through various distribution brands in Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. M7 has since begun a transformation plan aimed at becoming a producer of proprietary content to complement its distribution activity. Since then, the group has developed premium offers under CANAL+ brand in Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and since December 2023, in the Netherlands.

CANAL+ Group owns the entirety of SPI International, a media group operating 42 television channels and various digital platforms in more than 60 countries, and particularly in Central Europe. Finally, CANAL+ took 29.33% of the capital of Viaplay, a specialist in pay television in the Nordic countries, mainly in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and the Netherlands.

CANAL+ Group operates in Europe (excluding France) with 6.5 million subscribers.

The leading pay television group in the overseas territories, CANAL+ International operates from its subsidiaries in the Caribbean (Antilles, French Guiana and Haiti), the Indian Ocean (Réunion, Mayotte and Mauritius) and the Pacific (New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna and Polynesia). CANAL+ offers CANAL+ channels and more than 200 thematic channels, radio stations and services. Via its subsidiary CANAL+ TELECOM, CANAL+ International markets an Internet offering called Canalbox.

CANAL+ Group operates in French Overseas territories with 0.8 million subscribers


With more than 100 in-house and localised channels in more than 15 languages, premium and thematic channels in sports, series, children and cinema, CANAL+ promotes the cultures of the countries and regions where the Group has a presence.

CANAL+ offers an unrivalled range of sports rights around the world, with the biggest international sports competitions (the five biggest European football championships, as well as the UEFA Champions League in Africa, the UFC competitions, the Australian Open, motoGP, F1 etc.). CANAL+ is also the leading global partner of the Premier League, which it broadcasts in more than 30 countries, with rights also recently acquired for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

CANAL+ also broadcasts popular sports in its regions such as the Ekstraklasa football championship or Speedway (motorcycle racing) in Poland, the Lethwei championship (Burmese boxing) in Myanmar, the AFC competitions in Vietnam and the African Cup of Nations or the Basketball Africa League.

Beyond being a broadcaster, CANAL+ uses its broadcasting know-how to produce sports channels and tailor-made programmes. Post-match broadcasts with teams of local expert consultants, localised sports commentary and dedicated magazines allow us to offer the best international and local sport.

Novak Djokovic interviewed by K+ journalist, 2023

CANAL+ aims to offer series that resonate with its subscribers wherever they are in the world. With thousands of hours of content and programmes produced and financed each year, CANAL+ offers the best of its know-how.

With the international creative label CANAL+ Original, CANAL+ produces acclaimed (Krol in Poland, Lake Pyar in Myanmar) and award-winning content (Obatanga, African series awarded at the Luchon Festival). From the daily series (Le Futur est à nous in Africa) to the thriller (Silent Forest in Vietnam), CANAL+ tells stories that connect with its subscribers. CANAL+ exports French series in Europe and around the world (Baron Noir, Paris Police 1905, etc.) and develops an increasingly rich catalogue of European series (Planet Single, a Polish series in collaboration with the Czech Republic, Django filmed in Romania with international distribution), along with African and Asian ones.

To make sure it is at the heart of all cultures, CANAL+ also produces channels in local languages: Novegasy in Malagasy (Madagascar), Sunu Yeuf in Wolof (Senegal), Maboke TV in Lingala (DRC) and Zacu TV in Kinyarwanda (Rwanda). In 2021, the Group launched a dedicated satellite platform in Ethiopia with more than 100 channels, including 11 CANAL+ channels produced specifically in the Amharic language and 4 channels in Oromiffa.

Since 2022, the CANAL+ Outremer digital channel has been available in mainland France and in the overseas territories via the CANAL+ app and offers a catalogue of overseas productions from the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific.

CANAL+ is a pillar of cinema around the world, thanks to partnerships established with the largest film studios to broadcast a rich catalogue of recent films in all our regions as close as possible to their release (3 months after their cinema release in Vietnam, 6 months in overseas territories).

In Poland, CANAL+ is the country's leading investor in cinema. As such, the group is a partner of the Polish Film Awards (Orły), and has acquired the company KINO SWIAT, the second largest independent producer of Polish cinema.

In Africa, CANAL+ invests in the co-production of films, such as 3 Lascars and Marabout Chéri in Africa, both successful comedies. CANAL+ also helps support the cinema industry in Africa (a historic partner of Fespaco, the first pan-African film festival) and has invested in Nigerian cinema through the purchase of ROK Studios, the leading player in the Nollywood industry. The Group can also rely on the CanalOlympia network of cinemas, the leading network of cinemas and shows on the continent belonging to the Vivendi group. Located in 12 countries, these cinemas host events and support the emergence of local filmmaking.

Youth and education are at the heart of CANAL+'s interests, which has developed dedicated channels in Asia (K+ Kids in Vietnam, CANAL+ Cha Tate in Myanmar) and in Poland (Mini Mini+). In Africa, the Group notably partnered with Editis to launch Nathan+ in September 2021, the first educational channel offering home schooling for students from Year 3 to Year 6.


In all its regions, CANAL+ provides adapted offers in terms of price, marketing and distribution, and develops linear channel packages and/or digital offers combining international and local channels to best meet the expectations of its consumers.

In addition to its physical distribution channels, CANAL+ is diversifying its activities to offer its content to as many people as possible on all screens and all platforms, and is developing partnerships with telecom operators, cable and IPTV networks, and Smart TV manufacturers.

CANAL+ is accelerating its distribution strategy, and providing joint offers with major international telecom operators like its content streaming offer in Austria, launched jointly with A1 Telekom Austria.

Throughout the world, CANAL+ invests heavily in technology and offers products at the cutting edge of innovation for an optimal customer experience. Born from a single television channel, the Group has become a global digital platform offering its app in around forty countries, with the latest features in terms of replay, on demand, personalisation, etc.

In 2023, CANAL+ launched a 4K connected decoder promising an immersive, ultra-fast experience, with access to more than 35,000 programmes in replay and on demand and more than 200 live channels.

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