CANAL+ Group has become a key Tech player thanks to myCANAL. It invests more than 100 million euros each year in its technological infrastructure. Since 2020, myCANAL has also been deployed in more than 40 countries and territories where CANAL+ Group operates.


CANAL+ brings together all the strengths of the biggest global players. myCANAL is today the single gateway to the best content, offering all the wealth of CANAL+ content and the best content and services from partners such as beIN SPORTS, Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+, Apple TV+, DAZN and Max. This model, which combines the strength of the profession of creator with that of aggregator, is totally unique.

myCANAL is also a unique cultural anchor and content generator at CANAL+, with a direction embodied by the talents of the Group and a team of experts responsible for guiding subscribers as quickly as possible to choose the best programme (in 3 minutes on average).

myCANAL provides live access to 2,000 linear and delineated channels in the world and offers the option of viewing up to 160,000 pieces of content on demand at any time in France (including 1,300 new contents per day), and up to 220,000 contents in the rest of the world. In 2023, myCANAL recorded a record annual volume of 2.2 billion viewings.

The programme consumption experience is improved thanks to a range of features such as “Start Over”, which lets you go back up to eight hours before the live broadcast, and “Multi-Live”, offering the option of following up to four pieces of content simultaneously on a single screen, or even “Expert Mode”, which enriches the live sports experience with additional camera angles, highlights, statistics and additional information. “Airplay” and “Chromecast” make it possible to broadcast on a TV screen, while “Download” lets you watch a programme offline. The user interface is adapted to each user with “Playlist”, “Personal Reco” and “Profiles”, where everyone can create their own consumption space. The Kids profile is designed for children, in a secure space.

myCANAL is accessible on a wide variety of media so you can enjoy a single subscription on several screens within the home: Web, iOS applications, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Windows, Xbox and Playstation consoles, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung, LG and Hisense connected televisions, etc. In 2023, the myCANAL experience continued to be deployed on new equipment and in new territories. In France, the application is now available on 30 million connected devices.

CANAL+ Group has made strong commitments to make myCANAL a major eco-responsible platform: creating a dedicated digital channel "myCANAL sees Green", technological investments to reduce the carbon footprint of all digital flows, development of functionalities enabling subscribers to consume more eco-responsibly (objective: -30% carbon impact for one hour of consumption on myCANAL by 2024). A dedicated page, CANAL+ Responsable, is available continuously and accessible from the home page of the app to inform people about the environmental impact of digital use, the actions undertaken by CANAL+ Group to assess and reduce the environmental footprint of its activities, and actions that users of our services can take to contribute to this.

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